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The constant development of the Internet brings us new technologies and opportunities. From connecting people, through connecting computers, then devices or machines, the so-called M2M, we moved into the world of connected things, the Internet of Things IoT or even further the Internet of Everything, as some call it.

While on the one hand IoT is evolving on 4G, 5G high-bandwidth mobile networks, on the other hand there is a huge need for applications that do not require high bandwidths, but long-range base stations, and devices that work without internet and without electricity, powered by batteries which last up to 5 years and cost several euros, which is 100 times less than IoT devices that use mobile networks.

This is the world of 0G networks.

Sellex Telecom is part of the IoT Group working in the CEE region to build Low Power IoT networks and solutions, as an exclusive SigFox operator.

This year, the implementation of the first base stations in Belgrade and the start of SigFox in our country is planned.

Networking & Security

Building fast, reliable and secure computer networks is of key importance for the functioning of companies, organizations, and states.

local computer networks LANs are a mandatory and basic infrastructure in the construction of facilities, on which all other systems rely, starting from automatic control to security cameras, access, etc.

Also, they represent a basic and irreplaceable resource for the work of the company, which is expected to work without interruption and interruption, because each interruption means loss of working hours and reduced revenue, higher costs and impaired customer service.

Today's business requires to enable, equally the work of employees inside the company and outside, through remote access. The benefits and advantages of connecting a company's locations over the Internet can be disrupted by cyber attacks, and the outflow of vital information can have unforeseeable consequences. Everyone is exposed to cyber attacks and day by day they represent an increasing threat and danger. We encounter spam on a daily basis, often with hacker attacks, and it is not uncommon for vital systems and even entire countries to be attacked and threatened by organized cyber attacks. Industrial espionage, competition in business and on projects strives to obtain data in all ways that bring advantage and they say that the most difficult are those data thefts that we are not even aware have happened or are in progress.

In order to build an optimal and secure computer network, it's needed a lot of experience and knowledge, which we have because we have built some of the largest and most demanding private computer networks.

Equally important is the maintenance of networks and infrastructure during the lifetime of equipment operation, for which we are specially committed and trained to apply professional project management and methodologies, which we transferred from the largest domestic and multinational companies in which we worked. 

Digital Transformation

The Internet is all around us, It has become, not only a revolutionary technology from the end of the twentieth century, but also a standard in how business is done, provided by users, education, health, government and all other services. With the internet, the boundaries of business have been erased, we have been given the opportunity to sell and provide services all over the world, but at the same time we have also gained competition from global and much larger companies in our backyard. Investing and building internet networks and services has become a matter of survival for any organization, be it a company, bank, hospital, city or state. Like any construction or use, the internet project has its costs and deadlines, as well as the time of exploitation. In most cases, IT or internet projects do not bring the planned and desired profit and return on investment. The winners of this race are only those who invest either much more than others, or before others, but in the right things, ie technology, at the right time and in the right place, ie in the right market. The For a successful digital transformation, it is therefore necessary to know both technology and business, at the same time. We help you identify your internet level globally and in your environment, highlight key resources and strengths, as well as critical places in business, and apply the right digital transformation approach optimal for your organization, whether building your own network and developing your service. or an application to either rent cloud services or combine the two approaches.

Cheap IoT devices

low consumption,

long range,


without internet and electricity,

long battery life up to 5 years

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Sigfox is the fastest growing IoT network provider in the world, Present in 70 countries

It covers over 5 million km2 of territory and 1.2 billion people

Ecosystem of

800 technology partners.


The most common application is in agriculture, industry, energy, transport and logistics, banks and insurance, hotels protection and security, smart buildings and cities.


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